A new kind of legal counsel and support for your family office or business

The AviGhna Group’s Private Counsel service is an innovative, integrative and highly effective new way to protect and direct your shared wealth. It is the equivalent of having your own personal lawyer or quasi in-house counsel for your family and business.


In family firms, business is as personal as it gets. Families are their own worlds, with complex and emotionally charged connections that call for a different kind of legal support.

Our innovative Private Counsel service gives you a more dynamic, integrative and cost-effective way to protect and direct your shared wealth. As your very trusted partner, Sangita brings in law specialists from other firms as needed and co-counsels the project. This includes managing all the relationships, negotiating the fees and handling the project with aplomb. With just one point of contact, you benefit from greater efficiency and reduced costs.

Sangita also brings integrity, emotional intelligence and a higher level of awareness, illuminating difficult and complex problems with a brighter vision. Drawing on her extensive experience and natural empathy, she acts as the bridge between generations and personalities, resolving tensions and restoring balance with great skill and sensitivity.

AviGhna Private Counsel started organically and slowly. It began with Sangita’s UHNW clients asking her to manage large scale, complex property matters which required other services such as litigation, corporate support, planning and construction. Having worked and built relationships at top firms, she has a deep network of lawyers at some of London’s leading law firms. These include Pinsent Masons, Howard Kennedy, Fladgates, Taylor Wessing, Watson Farley & Williams, Farrer & Co, Peters & Peters, and Fox & Partners, to name just a few.


As our firm has grown, the service has evolved. Today it is similar to a private family office. We advise clients on a wide range of multi-layered projects and large transactions, whether property-related or not, offering practical solutions to complex problems. Family businesses often involve sensitive and controversial issues. Sangita is known for making people feel safe, by instilling order, calm and peace of mind. While children may not listen to their parents, they will listen to Sangita, who has outstanding skills for motivating the younger generation.

The specific ways in which we help include:

Resolving family leadership issues

Guiding family owners through very difficult conversations

Mediating between family members

Developing the next generation

Devising solutions and strategies to prevent wealth erosion

Creating intricate succession plans

Advising on major liquidity events

Giving philanthropic guidance

Empowering solutions for your family and your business.


To find out more about how we could help you, or for general advice, please get in touch and we will get back to you shortly.

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